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Here is how much you could earn as a Boost Markets partner:

Partnership Type Commission
Up to $650 CPA*
Up to 10% RevShare
Bespoken and hybrid deals available

CPA commission is based on the country where the web traffic originates from. Terms and conditions apply. Please ensure you read these thoroughly before signing up.

Types of Partnership

Affiliate Description

Whether you operate a financial website or are a social media influencer in the business world, this scheme lets you make money with minimal effort on your part. Simply direct traffic to Boost Markets and you will earn commission as soon as your clients start trading.

Master Affiliate Description

This programme is designed to compensate partners whose referred traffic directs other clients to us. It is also ideal if you operate a website for people interested in becoming affiliates themselves. Whatever your situation, refer your clients to us and you will receive a generous percentage of their commission.

Introducer Description

No matter if you are an experienced trader or a financial institution looking to refer your clients to a reputable broker, our innovative solution is tailor-made to suit your needs. Just refer your contacts to Boost Markets and you will be eligible for payment as soon as they start trading.